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Journey into Thai food continued

My venture into Thai cooking continues. My girlfriend and I prepared our first healthy and delicious Thai Lemongrass soup. It was accompanied by a second dish of quinoa with shrimps. The meal was tasty, healthy and satisfying. It is went … Continue reading

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My journey in Harry Potter land continues…

With Prisoner of Azkaban chase complete and my understanding of hippogryphs highly improved, I am moving on to the darker chapters of the saga. Loving the journey and the feeling of a kid in the land of wizards and witches. … Continue reading

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I am falling for Harry Potter

In a post few weeks ago, I shared my impression of the first Harry Potter book. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. Now, having finished the second book, “Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets”, and half way through the … Continue reading

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Flu Season … got to deal with it

As any mortal I come down with flu/cold usually once during the season. Being as it may, my turn has come this year. Stuck at home, sick as a dog. Now, I hate taking regular meds. I still do as … Continue reading

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Keep it up during the holidays!!! A workout for the holidays

Happy New Year everyone!!! As we all know, holidays result in presents, fun, family time and skipped workouts and extra pounds. I have been interested in coming up with routines that would be effective, versatile and not very time-consuming. Especially … Continue reading

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