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Red Cross FRX3 Portable Emergency Radio review … Emergency multi-tool and stress relief when you are restless

I have done a review of Red Cross FRX3 Portable Emergency Radio as a part of technology reviews we do at Pachyderm Consulting (company I work for) It’s a nice device that can be useful in the event of emergency, such as … Continue reading

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Evernote … is cool

I started using a product called Evernote . So far I am super impressed. Once you create an account, it allows you to create notes and organize them by notebooks and tags. The greatest feature is that you can access it from variety … Continue reading

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People like to hit things, especially guys… and nature knows it

This is an interesting article on human physiology. It discusses research that has been done at University of Utah on human hand physiology and anatomy. The researchers asked a question if a strike with a palm is as strong as … Continue reading

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Cutting weight for competition … ain’t that a pain

I have had to do it myself a number of times. As a participant in BJJ competitions, I am required to make a certain weight for a specific weight division. And as every competitor knows … “Cutting weight is a BITCH!!! I … Continue reading

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Everything should be Illuminated through the book

I’ve watched the movie and read the book I watched the movie first and while loving it, after I read the book it became apparent that the movie was missing a lot of the content and context. Here is my brief … Continue reading

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I’m 34 and I read Harry Potter

For a while, few of my friends kept telling me that I should read Harry Potter. I scoffed at them saying that it’s a kid’s book and doesn’t have enough adult flare for me. I finally succumbed to the hype and … Continue reading

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Cooking Thai

I have traveled to Thailand and love Thai food. It is healthy and delicious but can be intimidating to cook. I was always bewildered by curry, as it seems complicated and not very obvious how to make. That was resolved by last “cooking night” dish of … Continue reading

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Messing around with Monya

As it might be apparent I am a dog person, but I find it entertaining to mess around with my girlfriends cat Monya. He and I have a rapport of respectful love/battle mode. So I pick on him and he … Continue reading

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If you’d like it to hurt …

As some of you know and others will find out … I love working out and have become an avid proponent of kettlebells and Bulgarian bag Vibrams , meet your new friends… Mr Bell and Mr Suples #vibramsfivefinger #vibram #kettlebells #bulgarianbag #suples #life #workout … Continue reading

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As requested by first day reader: Chicken Tagine with Apricots and Almonds

Even though this is not a food blog … I would never try to imply that I have enough cooking skills to keep one, I have received a request for a post and I cannot decline my first reader request. I do like … Continue reading

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